A bunch of latte drinking,

professional screenwriting

Hollywood liberals get together

to write smack.

"America isn’t the darkness.  It’s the candle.”  

Vicky Kennedy

The Republican Health Care Bill:

 The Heart Stops Here.

Vicki Kennedy ​

Senate Republicans are pulling the plug on Americans.

July 4, 1776 America is born.  

July 4, 2017, millions of Americans will be sentenced to death. 


Republicans have always been in favor of torture,

we just never thought they’d use it on our citizens.


"Throwing people off Healthcare since 2017." 

Republicans plan to celebrate America’s birthday

by giving all Americans

the right to a slow and painful death.

The ones who may save us

from this horrible Republican healthcare bill

are four Republican senators

who don’t think it’s horrible enough.

Under the Republican healthcare plan

your life is your deductible.  

Your family’s lives are your co-pay.

It’s not a healthcare bill,

it’s a health SCARE bill.  

Millions of Americans

are now frightened to death.

McConnell and Trump aren’t worried

about you losing your healthcare.

The insurance companies will be just fine.

The AHCA:  A tax break if you're wealthy,

tough break if you're not.

Show me a Republican

who’s actually read the healthcare bill

and I’ll show you a new Democrat.

Before they attacked the ACA,

Republicans took in 75 million dollars

from health company lobbyists

in the first 3 months of this year. 

 If only the 12 million disabled kids on Medicaid

had cracked open their piggybanks.
As a child, Mitch McConnell had polio;

it was successfully treated at a public hospital 

established by FDR.  

Public healthcare saved his life.  Too Bad.
Republicans met with health company lobbyists

before they met with their fellow Republican Senators,

Democrats, the AARP, AMA, or their constituents.  

When politicians are doing something

for Americans,

they flaunt it. 

They don’t hide it.

Republican colleagues:

the first thing this healthcare bill will kill

is your chance for reelection.  

The next thing it will kill is your constituency. 

Never have so few done so much to hurt so many.

The only thing that will kill more people than guns is the AHCA.

Cancelling Coverage Kills.

The biggest responsibility of an elected politician

is to convince the current generation to address

the needs of the generations yet to come. 

The American Dream doesn't trickle down.

The American Dream RISES UP!  

We must say to the Republican Party that we don't want what's leftover.  

We want the promise of the American Dream.

And we will RISE UP to get it.

The US military accepts the reality and threat of climate change. 

Why can't our Republican leaders? 

Why is it every “win” for Republicans

a loss for the American people?

No money for the opioid addiction,

only the greed addiction. 

Trumpcare will only achieve two things:

filling rich people's coffers

and poor people's coffins. 

Trump has decided to leave all decisions

about troop levels and strategy to the military, 

abdicating one of his most important roles. 

If it goes well he takes credit,

if it goes badly,

he can blame the Generals.

In Trenton, New Jersey,

The Smith family won a $429 million Powerball jackpot

and they’re using it to change

the systemic roots of poverty by investing in education,

neighborhood development, children and families.

Hey GOP --take a lesson in American values.

The Supreme Court will take up the issue

of gerrymandering in Wisconsin, 

where, after adoption of the new maps,

Republicans got just 48.6 percent of the statewide vote,

but captured a 60-to-39 seat advantage in the State Assembly.

Patriots don’t carry Nazi or Confederate flags. 

They carry the American flag.

The only thing civil about Trump

is the war he’s trying to start.

Whether in Barcelona or Charlottesville,

a car purposefully driven into a crowd of innocents

is an act of terrorism.

Why won’t Jeff Sessions call it what it is?   

We applaud Republican Senator Bob Corker

for putting our country before his party. 

Let’s hope more Republicans find the courage to do the same.

Ronald Regan famously said,

“There is no room for intolerance

and not even a small corner for anti-Semitism

or bigotry of any kind in our house.” 

Clearly, Trump is trying to remodel.

Instead of Republicans in Congress

focusing on cutting rich people’s taxes,

they should focus on cutting their losses.


It's time for Trump to declare moral bankruptcy.

Trump is keeping his promise of smaller government,

one resignation at a time.

Friends don’t let friends drive this country to ruin. 

Trump protects statues.  We protect people.
Steve Bannon leaving the White House

doesn’t solve the problem. 

It spreads it.

Trump, the Great Divider. 

#25for45 Impeach Trump.

The Trump International Hotel

was one of his first projects in DC. 

The Trump Grand Jury may be his last.

Every Trump hotel has a grand ballroom,

a grand suite, and now a grand jury.

Congress has finally come together

for the health of our country . . .

by NOT repealing healthcare.

Healthcare works

when the people who don’t need it

pay for those who do need it

because one day we’ll all need it.

Competition is healthy,

but healthcare should not be competitive.

Murray and Alexander are Trump’s worst nightmare:

Republican and Democratic Senators working together.

Don Jr.’s meeting

is the only Trump event

where the crowd size

was actually bigger than Trump claimed it was.

Trump’s comrades in the GOP are rapidly defecting.

During the 17 days Trump’s on vacation,

the White House is changing the heating and A/C.

Would be great if they could change the locks, too.

Jeff Sessions is going to prosecute government leakers

because as everyone knows,

when there’s a crime,

you shoot the messenger.

Over 50 countries have universal healthcare. 

Unbelievable how so many got it wrong.

Constantly blaming others for your failure of leadership is,

by definition,

a failure of leadership.

Not only is it obvious that Trump

has been trying to impede the investigation,

but also that he’s really bad at it,

because it’s still going on.

Trump is doing everything he can to stop the witch-hunt. 

By the way, the legal translation for “stop the witch-hunt” is,

“impede the investigation.”

Trump’s decided to cut Medicaid

while subsidizing black lung disease.

When even Monsanto and Exxon are calling on you

to stay in the Paris Climate Accord,

and you don’t,

you pretty much know

you're on the wrong side of history.

Trump wants coal miners to pick up their shovels

and dig their grandchildren’s graves.

What Trump really withdrew from yesterday

is America’s leadership role in the world.

Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus.

Donald Trump apparently thinks it's a real option

for us to go back there.

The Paris Accord was not only about climate.

It was about world peace and cooperation.

Two things neither Trump or Putin want.  
Climate change is real.

Donald Trump is the hoax.

Trump speaks for Pittsburg, not Paris?  

Try Moscow, not Milwaukee.

Pittsburgh and Paris are on the same planet. 
Yet another of Trump's human rights violations

- This time of EVERY human.

Black Lungs Matter. 

Life on Earth? Overrated. Sad.

Doesn’t Trump realize that if the world ends,

Russia ends with it?

America First... is America at its worst.

With this decision we move from World Leader —

to World Destroyer.

The real harbingers of global warming:

Floods, heat waves, and Tweetstorms.

Trump has gone from ludicrous,

to treasonous, to poisonous.

Pulling out of the Paris Accord

did not save one job, or earn one job.

It simply diminished America’s job as a global citizen. 

Trump, acting on orders,

continues to execute Putin’s plan

to drive a wedge between the United States and Europe.

No president has ever done so much

to lower American stature in the world.

Even farm animals know to protect their young.

Only in Republicans is this instinct absent.

Look at your children.  Look at your grandchildren.

 Is this President really worth their future?

Trump didn't pull us out of the Climate Accord.

 He pulled us out of our alliances.

Even North Korea voted for the Paris Climate Accord.

Maybe when Mar-A-Lago floods because of climate change,

Donald Trump will finally care about the environment.

Trump is going for the black lung vote.

Mr. Trump, you can clean our air, or provide coverage for asthma.

 Could you at least pick one?

Trump put our country first, and our planet last,

Does he know that our country is on our planet?

We leave the Paris Accords and Putin gets to drill for oil in the Arctic.

That, my fellow Americans, is the real Art of the Deal.

It's one small step for Donald Trump,

one giant step backwards for mankind. 

If pulling out of the Paris accord is such a good business deal,

why are so many American businesses against it?

Trump has just declared war on science,

clean energy, jobs, and our grandchildren.

Make America Wheeze Again.

Trump and McConnell:  Fossil fuels from fossil fools.

June 1, 2017. The day the climate died. 

No courage.  No moral compass.
from business bankruptcy to moral bankruptcy.

Donald Trump:  Wrong for the planet.

Donald Trump:  The world’s worst friend.

Trump's insanity threatens humanity. 

America:  First to destroy the world.

GOP:  Gutting Our Planet

Trump's message to the environment: You're fired.

Republicans think the best way to cover Americans

with serious health problems

is with dirt.

Lowering the cost of healthcare isn’t about saving money;

it’s about saving lives.

The Republicans promise access to healthcare.

I have access to a Ferrari dealership -

- doesn’t mean I can afford it.

Really, Republicans should embrace Obamacare. 

It covers spine replacement.

To Trump, ‘separation of powers’ is when he,

Jared, and Bannon are in different rooms. 

We have a President who believes transgender military

heroes shouldn’t carry guns

but the violently mentally ill should.

Trump made a simple error

when he said he’s banning transgenders. 

What he meant was, he’s banning transparency.

Trump speaks for neither men nor women

when he disparages our transgender military heroes.

Even when we haven’t fought for them,

transgender Americans have fought for us.

For someone who’s never worn a military uniform,

Trump has an awful lot to say about those who do.

Trump is desperately trying to divide a country

that is uniting against him.

I want to say to any boy scout dreaming of becoming President,

don’t let this nightmare stop you.

How many Presidents can you name

that owe the Boy Scouts an apology?

With Trump, loyalty isn’t a two way street.

It’s a dead end.

The only thing Trump owns that’s made in America

is Scaramucci.

Betsy DeVos wants to turn the American school system

into a pyramid scheme

that benefits only her and her friends.

Amway is not the model for our children's education.

DeVos raising the burden of proof for college rape

lowers the safety for our daughters.

The Republican answer to sexual assault

on college campuses

is to protect the assaulters.

It should come as no surprise that the appointee

of a sexual predator

is protecting those accused of sexual assault

on college campuses.

Betsy DeVos is making college dangerous

for our daughters.


Southerners who believe in Climate Crisis

now include Harvey, Irma, and José.

Climate change: the proof is in the flooding.

How many times will we have to run through

the alphabet of hurricane names

before we realize all those letters spell

"Climate Crisis?”

97% of the world's scientists believe

mankind is accelerating climate change. 

So why do the wealthiest 1% find it profitable

to believe the 3% of scientists who don’t? 

Wait.  I just answered my own question.


The difference between Democrats and Republicans

is the difference between Medicare for all

and healthcare only for the rich.

To my Republican colleagues I say,

why not be the Netflix of Medicare

instead of the Blockbuster of healthcare?


They say the Republican President

would lose his base

if he works with the Democratic Party on DACA.

I call that a win-win.

Democrats want to build bridges.  

Republicans want to build walls.

 Success, in every way,

comes from the connections we inspire,

not the alienations we impose.


Democrats are getting more done

as the minority party

than Republicans are as the majority.

The only thing clear and present

about the Republican President

is his danger.

Americans believe in lending a hand to those in need;

by making them strong, we become stronger.

Trumpism is defined by how it benefits Trump.

Republicans love the middle class at State Fairs

and hate them

when they return to Washington.

Betsy DeVos’ next crusade

is to provide greater protection

for the rights of pedophiles in schoolyards.  

A Republican is a Democrat who's been robbed. 

Of their soul.

Rush Limbaugh called Trump ignorant. 

Which proves that even a drug-addled racist clock

gets the time right twice a day.  

All in all, the demise of DACA’s

just another brick in the Wall.

I wonder how the good people of Guam

feel about Trump’s obsession with ESPN,

funding his wall, and squabbles with Sessions.


Sexual Predators: Trump & Weinstein 

The fact that the Republican President is not

held as accountable for sexual assault

as a movie producer

is a disgrace to this country

and an affront to all American women.

Harvey Weinstein isn’t too worried. 

The last time a celebrity was exposed as a sexual predator

he was elected President. 

Hollywood has turned its back on a sexual predator.


Congressional Republicans still refuse to do the same.

Puerto Rico
Millions are still without food and water in Puerto Rico. 

Republicans, I call on you to pressure the President to send more resources

– or live with the blood of these American citizens forever on your hands.

It’s been a busy week for the Republican President. 

He’s threatened North Korea,

assaulted the free press, 

decertified the Iran Deal,

and yet he still found time to gut medical care

for millions of Americans.

Make no mistake;

This executive order proves that Donald Trump

is willing to kill you to spite President Obama.

Trump's executive order on medical care

not only crosses state lines;

it also crosses the lines of common decency.

We keep saying we’re the only civilized country

that doesn’t provide medical care to its people…

At what point do we stop calling ourselves civilized?

Trump is against equal pay and coverage for birth control;

it’s the political equivalent of trying to ensure that

American women are kept barefoot and pregnant.     

Trump’s Incompetence / Mental State

At General Kelly’s press conference,

he assured us that there’s a competent,

rational adult in the White House.

The Republican President asked who it was.

Trump attacks anyone who criticizes him,

provokes anyone who challenges him,

and denies any truth that exposes him. 

Folks are now calling Trump unhinged. 

Was he ever hinged?

This country was founded on the best interests of

We The People, not Me The President. 


Your right to own a gun that fires 90 rounds a minute ends

at my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And for laughs...

If only Prozac could make an ANTI-DEPRESIDENT.

One way to stop unwanted pregnancies

would be to put an end to unnatural erections. 

Keep birth control.  Lose Viagra.

Women are denied birth control,

yet the government pays for Viagra.

If pregnancy is God’s will, so is impotence.